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Because Only You Swing The Way You Do

Everyone is unique. You and your golf swing are no exception. Isn't it time that we celebrated that? Here, we believe that practice only makes perfect when the practice itself is a perfect fit for you. That's why we invented CTRL - a bio-kinetic sleeve that trains every golfer differently. It's time for a trainer as unique as you.

Train it, Learn it

Train it yourself or with a coach. Simply slide on the sleeve, pop in the sensors, and start taking swings. After every swing all you have to do is let CTRL know how the ball flew. In as few as 30 swings we'll know exactly what your perfect swing looks like. So you can practice your perfect.

The Secret Sauce Of A Good Swing


The Most Important Part of Any Good Swing.

With CTRL, find and feel your perfect rhythm everytime.

Club Face


With CTRL, learn to start the ball flying where you want.

Club Path

Fundamental to Shot Shape

With CTRL, shape your shot to meet whatever the course may demand.

3 years in the making

CTRL began in 2017 with a couple of sketches on a napkin at lunch between Ian and Alex. They sketched out a prototype for some sort of device that could accurately measure the movement of a human arm in real-time and set out to make it as a passion project. When the project was mentioned to professor Rodney Boehm at Texas A&M University, he saw the true potential of the prototype and offered enrollment in an entrepreneurship incubator focused on taking prototypes and finding their proper place in the market.

A team of the brightest and most driven students the university had to offer was formed and the journey to find the home of our body tracking technology began. After close to 500 customer interviews, the inaugural Aggie Pitch competition, and a feature at the Aggie Engineering Showcase, CTRL was ready to serve its purpose, perfect the art of sports training through superior tools that use biometrics to learn how an athlete’s body uniquely performs and create a personalized training experience.

THE Team

Graduated from Texas A&M University’s Mechanical Engineering Program. Experience as a mechanical, product, and packaging engineer at HPE. Ian started this project in school, all the while working closely with the best entrepreneurs Texas A&M has to offer. After college he formed CTRL and began his first journey into the startup world. Ian’s drive to make the perfect training tool is second to none.

Graduated from Sam Houston State University’s PGA Golf Management program. Nick is a Class A member of the PGA and a scratch golfer. Nick eats, sleeps and lives golf. While golf is his favorite sport he also loves Football and Baseball. Nick is an avid Chicago Bears fan. When he isn’t working, playing golf, or watching his favorite teams, you can find him gaming.

Graduated from Texas A&M University’s Mechanical Engineering Program. Experience as a component engineering CO-OP with Trane- Ingersoll Rand, and as a peer teacher at Texas A&M. Cesar has an eye for detail and a focus on the user. Nothing will stand in his way on his journey to deliver a high quality customer experience.

Nishant has a masters in computer science from Texas A&M University. He has experience in developing smart watch applications the Applied Cognitive Ergonomics Lab. Nishant is one of the quickest learners you can find, and is obsessed with finding unique and innovative ways to improve the learning process.

Former football student athlete and now graduate of  Colorado School of Mines in computer science. Ryan was an offensive lineman. Ryan is a great programmer and can adapt to succeed in any language he needs. His determination and discipline to solve complex problems rivals those of the greats. When he isn’t coding up his next masterpiece, he’s playing video games or enjoying the great outdoors.

Fariba graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with a masters degree in computer science and engineering. She has experience in computer vision R&D at Atos Syntel Inc. Driven by a passion for progress, she doesn’t let anything get in the way of pushing technology to and past its limits. She is always finding new and unique patterns in data that help athletes perform their best. When she’s not busy outpacing the competition, she enjoys playing the Setar, Yoga, and watching her favorite TV series and movies.

Jacob has a degree in Business Management from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs and is currently working on completing his MBA. He’s never met someone he doesn’t get along with, and his industry knowledge is best in class, giving the edge in all things golf related.


Highly successful executive with 32 years of international and multiple business segment experience in a Fortune 100 company. A decisive leader with an unblemished history of profit and growth. Expertise in strategy development and deployment, profit and loss, mergers and acquisitions, business acquisition, capitalization strategies, intellectual property development and defense, negotiation, company culture, as well as operational experience from field operations through executive leadership.

Formally educated in petroleum engineering and business, with a background in both asset intensive, as well as working capital businesses.

Vice President of Stimulation and Intervention at Forum Energy Technologies with 32 years of experience in the international and domestic marketplace for a Fortune 100 company. An expert in measuring growth through sound financial performance metrics. Excels in leading, developing, and growing operational teams. Enthusiastically seeks new challenges and implements process-based applications to develop the competency of the people whom he mentors.

Formally educated in accountancy, with a background in both finance and operations in the international
and domestic marketplace.

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